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    About Us

    Oilfield Knowledge is created by a team of seasoned professionals with global experience in different technical streams of Oil and Gas. This portal is created with only purpose of “Knowledge delivery” to young bloods entering the industry either through online articles and or through offline training classes as per industry standards.

    We are a workforce knowledge delivery accelerator. We impart knowledge through our online articles and we also conduct & manage intelligent workshops, thought leader series, seminars, conferences and short duration courses to deliver on the promise of smart jobs and high growth of students. At our core, the promise is about delivering skill-based training programs, each of which is individually designed to meet the needs of employers. We are committed to helping our students win through strategic focus on designing our programs based on the current industry demand.

    Our culture of continuous improvement drives us to solve today’s challenging jobs while constantly asking ‘what we can do better than this.


    Our mission is knowledge delivery to Energy industry. We view ourselves as knowledge delivery partners to oil and gas industry.

    •  We empower universities by helping them to unlock each student’s career potential in oil & Gas industry.
    • We understand key to success in oil & gas industry for anyone is technical Knowledge and hence imparting knowledge to industry workforce is our prime focus.


    Our vision is to be the leading provider of knowledge and skill based training to Oil & Gas industry, through self-reliant efforts, self-actualization, and a passion for contribution to Oil & Gas industry.