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    Pressure prediction during drilling

    Introduction Sediment pore pressures are important constraints that need to be carefully considered when planning a new well, and influence drilling strategy, casing program and mud-weights. The pore pressures in...

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    Hydraulic Fracturing

    Hydraulic fracturing has been used in the oil and natural gas industry for the last 75+ years, booming for the last 10+ years, producing hundreds of trillion cubic feet of...

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    ONGC HSE standards

    Some of the logging tools use radioactive sources and high voltages. After lowering of the casing and cementation, perforation operations are carried out to establish flow of hydrocarbon from the...

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    Oil & gas drilling operations

    Drilling, the term itself in oil industry indicates the technology to construct circular wells with highly complex operations and sophisticated engineering. Drilling operation has to be done in rig site...

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    Water based drilling mud

    Water Base Mud (WBM) are generally less expensive and less difficult to maintain as compared to Oil Based Mud (OBM).Although WBM is less expensive but they sometime cause issues related...

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    Oil based drilling mud

    Base fluid in Oil based mud is oil as an continues phase,it also contains some water but as dispersed phase.Base Oil in OBM could be diesel,kerosene,fuel oil or mineral oil.Water...

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    Basic Well Planning checklist

    Successful well planning needs proper collaboration between geoscientist and engineers.Basic consideration to keep in sight before  starting to a well planning:- Target(s) to be evaluated. Drilling method to reach the...

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    Blowout Preventer

    Blowout Preventer is the most critical equipment on rig  for safety of  drilling crew,drilling rig and environment when blowout threatens.It  is basically a large valve on the top of the well...

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