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    Formation Evaluation Course

    Integrated formation evaluation is the advance form of petrophysics where data integration plays the major role. Core data is ground truth in the industry. Though this is not the fact,...

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    Petroleum Geology & Log Analysis

    The course petroleum geology and basic log analysis provides the overview of petroleum geology and its different dimensions including various rock types, occurrence and abundance. The course also provides brief...

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    Oil & gas drilling operations

    Drilling, the term itself in oil industry indicates the technology to construct circular wells with highly complex operations and sophisticated engineering. Drilling operation has to be done in rig site...

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    Petroleum & Reservoir Engineering

    Petroleum Engineering is a domain related to activities of hydrocarbon production, which could be either natural gas or crude oil. Petroleum engineers work in almost all phases of field assessment,...

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    Petroleum industry beginners training

    This course is a 5 days course ,this course includes exhaustive case studies, videos and exercises Training Name: Petroleum industry beginners training By Dr.Balaji Bhosle Training Date: 24-28 February 2020...

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    Core Analysis Training

    This course is a 5 days course, this course includes exhaustive case studies and exercises Routine Core Analysis This course/training aims to disseminate information to help understand what we do...

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