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Month: February 2017

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    Indian Hydrocarbon Sector

    Energy   sector   in  India  has  come  a  long  way   since first  commercial discovery of crude oil in   Digboi   Assam in  1889. However,  comparing Indian  energy  sector   with   energy  sector   from  other...

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    Current crude oil price outlook

    According to the energy industry economists, financial advisors and business leaders, the price of oil should increase. However, till now it is not happening. Oil market watchers were  betting  in...

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    Neutron & Density corrections

    Neutron porosity corrections:- Some of the most important and most complex environmental corrections are required for neutron porosity measurements.  Neutron porosity is affected by a number of factors, most importantly temperature....

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    Resistivity environmental corrections

    Resistivity tool responses generally must be corrected for a variety of factors; namely, borehole effects, bed thickness, and invasion. Micro-resistivity measurements must be corrected for the presence of mudcake. Resistivity...

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    GR & SP corrections

    1.Gamma ray correction:- Gamma ray log is subjected to number of effects like: - Sonde position in the hole. Hole size. Mud weight. Casing size and weight. Cement thickness Since there are innumerable...

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    Logging tools environmental corrections

    In real world  logging ,its not easy to determine true gamma ray, neutron porosity,bulk density and true resistivity of the uninvaded zone precisely for  variety of reasons. There are various Factors affecting these...

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    Mud logging unit equipment’s

    Total Gas Analyzer (TGA):-Total gas analyzer measures total quantity of available gas.TGA provides continues measurement of gas counts.The equipment uses flame ionization detector or thermal conductivity detector.Gas quantity provided by TGA...

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    Water based drilling mud

    Water Base Mud (WBM) are generally less expensive and less difficult to maintain as compared to Oil Based Mud (OBM).Although WBM is less expensive but they sometime cause issues related...

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    Oil based drilling mud

    Base fluid in Oil based mud is oil as an continues phase,it also contains some water but as dispersed phase.Base Oil in OBM could be diesel,kerosene,fuel oil or mineral oil.Water...

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    Analog vs. Digital Signal in seismic

    Most of the processing operations are now carried out on digital computers due to availability of powerful digital workstations,however if analog filters are used in the field recording systems ,a phase shift is...

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