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    NMR Introduction

    The basic physical principle of NMR measurement relies on the fact that the molecular behaviour of certain materials can be affected by the action of a magnetic field. Just as...

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    Pressure prediction during drilling

    Introduction Sediment pore pressures are important constraints that need to be carefully considered when planning a new well, and influence drilling strategy, casing program and mud-weights. The pore pressures in...

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    Hydraulic Fracturing

    Hydraulic fracturing has been used in the oil and natural gas industry for the last 75+ years, booming for the last 10+ years, producing hundreds of trillion cubic feet of...

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    Water Flow Logging

    Water flow logging part of pulsed neutron logging ,it is based on principle of oxygen activation. It quantifies the amount of oxygen flowing in and outside the casing. As oxygen...

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    Reservoir Characterization Challenges

    In-order to provide our customers   with exceptionally good project management support at lowest possible cost ,Oilfield Knowledge has build an in-house team of  highly acknowledged ,internationally experienced  professionals  and our...

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    Condensate banking in gas wells

    Condensate banking is a phenomenon which happens in producing gas wells when bottom hole pressure goes below dew point pressure. Fall of bottom hole pressure below dew point pressure results...

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    Indian Hydrocarbon Sector

    Energy   sector   in  India  has  come  a  long  way   since first  commercial discovery of crude oil in   Digboi   Assam in  1889. However,  comparing Indian  energy  sector   with   energy  sector   from  other...

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    Current crude oil price outlook

    According to the energy industry economists, financial advisors and business leaders, the price of oil should increase. However, till now it is not happening. Oil market watchers were  betting  in...

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    Oil Discovery in Filicudi prospect

    A major announcement has been made by the Lundin Petroleum about oil and gas discovery in the well 7219/12-1. Currently, they are drilling a sidetrack well 7219/12-1A on the Filicudi prospect....

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    Abu Dhabi has Good News for oil investors

    According to recent reports, Oil majors who are planning for the development of oilfields in Abu Dhabi,would gen quite beneficial as well as economically profitable drilling contracts for them.  Government has...

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