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    Pressure prediction during drilling

    Introduction Sediment pore pressures are important constraints that need to be carefully considered when planning a new well, and influence drilling strategy, casing program and mud-weights. The pore pressures in...

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    Automated Well Log correlation

    Well-log correlation is one of the most important step in subsurface reservoir characterization. Numerous algorithms have been developed to automate well to well correlation. In this article we would discuss...

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    Hydraulic Fracturing

    Hydraulic fracturing has been used in the oil and natural gas industry for the last 75+ years, booming for the last 10+ years, producing hundreds of trillion cubic feet of...

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    Reservoir Characterization Challenges

    In-order to provide our customers   with exceptionally good project management support at lowest possible cost ,Oilfield Knowledge has build an in-house team of  highly acknowledged ,internationally experienced  professionals  and our...

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    Condensate banking in gas wells

    Condensate banking is a phenomenon which happens in producing gas wells when bottom hole pressure goes below dew point pressure. Fall of bottom hole pressure below dew point pressure results...

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    ONGC HSE standards

    Some of the logging tools use radioactive sources and high voltages. After lowering of the casing and cementation, perforation operations are carried out to establish flow of hydrocarbon from the...

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    Petroleum industry beginners training

    This course is a 5 days course ,this course includes exhaustive case studies, videos and exercises Training Name: Petroleum industry beginners training By Dr.Balaji Bhosle Training Date: TBD Training Venue:...

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    Traps are the configuration of rocks which are suitable for preventing further migration of hydrocarbons. Hydrocarbons are unable to migrate, as they are sealed by a relatively impermeable formation. Traps are broadly...

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    Kerogen is defined as organic constituent of sedimentary rocks which is not soluble in normally found organic solvent due to its higher molecular weight. Soluble portion of kerogen is called...

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    Reserve Estimation 

    Volumetric Reserve estimation  involves integration of  geological data with  reservoir geometry .Recoverable reserve is the volume of hydrocarbon that can be profitably produced from the reservoir. Reserve estimation can be done...

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