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Month: April 2019

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    Cased hole saturation evaluation

    Hydrocarbon saturation determination in cased hole plays an important role in reservoir management. Hydrocarbon saturation estimation over the period of production time helps in making plan for workover operation, understanding...

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    Condensate banking in gas wells

    Condensate banking is a phenomenon which happens in producing gas wells when bottom hole pressure goes below dew point pressure. Fall of bottom hole pressure below dew point pressure results...

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    ONGC HSE standards

    Some of the logging tools use radioactive sources and high voltages. After lowering of the casing and cementation, perforation operations are carried out to establish flow of hydrocarbon from the...

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    Oilfield Perforation methods

    Perforations serve as a basic communication channel between the formation and the cased/cemented wellbore. Perforations may be carried out in  two conditions: Overbalanced Perforation Underbalanced Perforation Perforating operation can be...

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