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    Petroleum & Reservoir Engineering

    Petroleum Engineering is a domain related to activities of hydrocarbon production, which could be either natural gas or crude oil.

    Petroleum engineers work in almost all phases of field assessment, development and production. Main job of Petroleum engineer is to maximize hydrocarbon recovery and to minimize the cost associated with it.Petroleum engineer also has to ensure that both the above objectives are achieved with no to minimum associated environmental impacts.

    This course is an introduction to the petroleum and reservoir engineering and is not a superficial presentation of the technology available in the industry. This course is developed to instill understanding of the technology and its applications at an engineer’s level, and the confidence and professional enthusiasm which comes with that understanding.

    The course is designed to have a revolutionary effect on the students who are about to kick start their careers. The course focuses on the field and application approach, and includes classroom exercises, fundamental engineering problems, and basic field exercises.

    This is a 10 days long course,and will cover the following topics –

    • Formation Evaluation (1 day)
    • Well Testing (2 days)
    • Principles of Reservoir Engineering and Production Technology (2 days)
    • Reservoir Simulation and Production Forecasting (2 days)
    • Well design and construction (1 day)
    • Petroleum Economics (1 day)
    • Applications of Data Analytics in Oil & Gas (1 day)


    This course will give an overall understanding of Petroleum Engineering, Production Technology and Reservoir Engineering from the point of view of applications and case studies. It is expected to help the attendees in making their technical base very sound and strong.

    Pre-requisites: Attendees are required to have a basic understanding of physics and mathematics. A laptop would be helpful to run some quick models for their hands on experience and detailed understanding.