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    Reservoir Evaluation Services

    Reservoir Characterization Services

    In-order to provide our customers with exceptionally good project management support at lowest possible cost ,Oilfield knowledge has build an in-house team of highly acknowledged ,internationally experienced professionals and our own reservoir solution center based in New Delhi ,India. Our reservoir solution center is managed by globally experienced Geoscientist supported by team of experienced professionals .We provide our customer with following solutions:- Petrophysics Studies The dedicated and skilled geoscientists from Oilfield knowledge’s Reservoir Characterization Center offer great services at affordable prices. The services include well log and core data acquisition designing, data quality check and quality control, Quick Look analysis of available well data, Pore Pressure Prediction, Petrophysical evaluation of Clastic, Carbonate and Unconventional reservoirs using deterministic and probabilistic approach by integrating basic logs, advance logs and core data, Reservoir Rock Typing (Static and Dynamic), Permeability Modelling, Saturation Height Function. Low Resistivity -Low Contrast Pay (LRLP) analysis, Thin Bed Analysis, NMR, Acoustic, Formation Tester data and Image Log acquisition planning, data quality check and quality control, Processing and Interpretation, Production log data acquisition planning processing and interpretation. Interpretation of Cement bond log, corrosion log, leak detection tools. Rock Physics & Seismic Inversion With years of international experience, expert Geophysicist & Rock Physicist at Oilfield Knowledge’s Reservoir Characterization Centre gets our customer outstanding result, Our Geoscientist’s utilises best practices of industry and also ensure that reservoir properties are properly predicted. Unconventional Resources To assess the actual potential of unconventional resources, our reservoir characterization center also offers technical expertise. Our experts have immense experience in evaluation of several international unconventional oil fields, fracture propagation prediction, resource exploitation design, evaluation of technological requirements and production performance evaluation and optimization. Reservoir Characterization We also offers services such as end to end reservoir characterization incorporating seismic, well log and core data, geological and production data through high quality seismic and petrophysical evaluations, geological modelling and dynamic simulation. Reservoir Modelling Other services that we provide are integration of data from well logs, cores, seismic, geology, production and other engineering data that comes with robust static and dynamic models. They are utilised for estimation of In Place and remaining hydrocarbon volumes, hydrocarbon production forecasting, well planning, economic evaluations and uncertainty identification and quantification. Reserves Estimation Reserve Estimation is one of the most significant part of any Oil and Gas field development. Oil and gas operators reviews and submit their reserves and resource potential for both external and internal reviews. Reserve estimation is also used to update resource and opportunity funnel requirements. Under SEC and SPE-PRMS guidelines for proved Developed/Undeveloped reserves, Contingent and Prospective resources, Oilfield Knowledge also offers provide Resource/ Reserves estimates. Infill Drilling Opportunity Evaluation Appropriate location and estimation of the remaining hydrocarbon potential of the field and also recommend methodologies to improve the recovery from the field is ensured by Oilfield Knowledge’s Geoscientists. It can be either done through drilling new wells or by adopting secondary/enhanced recovery techniques. Field Development Planning The multidisciplinary team of geoscientists at Oilfield Knowledge comprises of technical expertise from all subsurface disciplines and offers multiple integrated solutions for field development which are technically feasible and commercially robust. To discuss your reservoir characterization challenges , please contact us at support@oilfieldknowledge.com