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    Reservoir Evaluation Services

    Reservoir & Production Engineering

    Reservoir and Production engineering is the key for optimal and most efficient development and production of oil and gas reservoirs, keeping in view the health of the reservoir by utilizing the best available technologies in a cost efficient manner. Oilfield Knowledge provides following services under the umbrella of reservoir and production engineering.

    • Reservoir Studies:This includes designing and executing PVT studies from sample collection to analysis, core analysis, guidance to acquire reservoir surveillance data like Production logs, RST, flowing pressures, shut-in pressures, estimation of reservoir pressure, pressure build up studies, Injectivity tests, pressure fall off studies, tracer surveys etc.
    • Classical Reservoir Engineering: Our reservoir evaluation center experts are well experienced in all CRE’s, for example Material Balance, Decline curve analysis, Nodal analysis, Pressure and Rate Transient analysis, analytical models for all recovery drive mechanisms and Monte Carlo Simulation.
    • Reservoir Simulation: This service includes building a numerical model from static model. The numerical model can be a simple black oil model to a complex compositional model with discrete natural fractures. Apart from building a new model, the existing old model, if any can also be used for history matching and prediction.
    • Reserves Estimation: Under the SEC and SPE-PRMS guidelines, the reserves estimation service is provided by integrating the reservoir numerical model results, with analytical studies like decline curve analysis, analytical models, rate transient analysis and material balance, for reservoirs under primary, secondary and tertiary recovery mechanisms.
    • Appraisal, Pilot Studies,Field Development Planning with Project Economics: The key to any successful field development is a successful appraisal or a pilot study. This service can provide extensive support in planning and execution of appraisal, development and infill wells with type of artificial lift requirements and pilot studies and full field implementation for optimized recovery mechanism, considering the project economics.
    • Unconventional and Hydraulic Fracturing:As the industry in moving towards tight and unconventional reservoirs, hydraulic fracturing becomes important. This service provides the well type requirements, type of hydraulic fracturing job and schedule for maximum stimulated rock volume and maximum recovery factor. Hydraulic fracturing job service includes pre job modeling to post job pressure match, DFIT, Mini frac, Main Frac, Step rate analysis and post frac flow-back monitoring. This service can be extended to workflows required to develop unconventional reservoirs, as the workflows used for unconventional reservoirs are different than conventional reservoirs.
    • Enhanced Oil Recovery: EOR is now becoming very useful as it can improve the recovery factors from <10% to >40% depending on the type of reservoirs. This service includes screening of EOR methods based on the field data and ranking them as per project economics. After screening of EOR methods, the service can be extended to proposing the lab studies, followed by pilot studies to gauge the level of expected increment due to proposed EOR method.
    • Production optimization:The result of this service is improved well production and reservoir management either by drawdown management, artificial lift modeling and optimization, surface facilities debottlenecking, backpressure optimization and injection rate and pattern optimization. Also includes revival of sick wells, reasons of the wells not flowing,
    • Data Analytics:The industry is having a radical shift towards artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our technical consultants have created some workflows to identify reservoir units based on log response, to forecast production based on the existing wells, to aid in well placement and identify any integrity issue before hand. Apart from the available workflows, the team has the ability to create new workflows based on the client’s requirements.
    • Project Management: A complete project management solution by people from oil and gas background and experience from drilling to surface facilities. The services can include scheduling and tracking each and every detail associated with the project, providing weekly updates, action items and trackers for stakeholders. On-ground execution for no lapses in time or safety.
    Do contact us to discuss your reservoir & production engineering solution or email us at support@oilfieldknowledge.com