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    Mud logging unit equipment’s

    Total Gas Analyzer (TGA):-Total gas analyzer measures total quantity of available gas.TGA provides continues measurement of gas counts.The equipment uses flame ionization detector or thermal conductivity detector.Gas quantity provided by TGA is in total total methane equivalent unit.

    Gas Chromatograph:-Gas chromatograph can accept sample from gas trap and blender,its equipped with flame ionisation detector.

    Gas extraction:– Gas in mud produced during drilling operations is done to identify potentially productive zone and also for safety reason.Gas extraction involves engaging gas traps in return mud stream.

    Gas calibration:-Gas calibration system  injects known gases in gas chromatograph and total gas detector in different concentrations for calibration.

    Vacuum system:-Vacuum system  is needed to maintain uniform composition and  gas sample flow rate from gas trap and blender.Vacuum system consists of vacuum pump,flow meters,filters,pressure regulators and dryers.In order to detect and clear blockage or leaks,vacuum system also includes clearing system,pressure and flow alarm.

    Blender:-Blender grinds the sample of mud and cuttings to extract released gas for measurement.

    Rate of penetration and depth monitor:-Mud logging equipment list also includes and independent sensor for monitoring depth and rate of penetration (ROP).

    Mud test kit:-Drilling fluid analysis and titrations are done by mud test kit.

    Pump rate counter:-Mud pumps on rig needs pump rate counter.

    Mud pit level monitoring system:Mud pit level monitoring system is installed on rig in order to continously monitor rig motion compensated mud pit level.

    Sample processing unit:-Obtained  cutting are prepared for testing mineralogy and oil content.

    Hardcopy Log production system: A plotter,paper and other equipment’s needed for hardcopy log printing are also onboard mud logging unit.