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    Oil & gas drilling operations

    Drilling, the term itself in oil industry indicates the technology to construct circular wells with highly complex operations and sophisticated engineering. Drilling operation has to be done in rig site to drill the hole in safe, smooth and cost effective manner.

    Drilling process consists of overcoming the resistance of the rock, removing the crushed rock particles simultaneously with crushing down fresh formation, maintaining the stability of the well-bore and to prevent the formation fluids from entering the hole.

    The fundamental part of the drilling process is the planning phase of a well in which correct technical choices are made to construct the well in the most efficient way. Planning starts from gathering all data from geological, geophysical surveys conducted. Other data such as geological profiles, well logs, pressure reports, drilling reports, drilling fluid reports, cementing reports from offset wells if available is also used to develop a drilling program.

    This course is designed for petroleum engineering and geosciences students who wish to pursue a career in the oil and gas industry. It will provide a complete overview of how the rig site and drilling operations works and technologies used to get the objective. This will enable students to get ready for challenging yet rewarding breakthrough to the Industry as drilling engineer.


    • Drilling Engineering; An overview
      • Rig components
      • Hoisting equipment and TDS.
      • Mud circulating system
      • Drillstring components
      • Casing and cementing programs
      • Completion and stimulation
      • M/LWD, ML, W/L, DST
    • Directional Drilling; Fundamentals and application
      • Directional Surveys
      • Directional terminology; MD, TVD, Inclination, tool face, dogleg
      • Mud Motor and RSS
    • MWD/LWD; Fundamentals and application
    • Mud Logging; Fundamentals and application
    • Pore pressure evaluation and estimation
    • Well design and well placement


    • Students will get a complete virtual exposure of drilling operation in a rig site.
    • Students will get familiar with well-site operations and terminologies.
    • It will be useful for getting a clear picture about what is the function of  directional drilling, MWD and Mud Logging .
    • It will enable students to tackle the primary technical questions in interviews for entry level drilling/field engineer positions.

    For More information about this course please call us at +91-9911989147 or email us at support@oilfield-knowledge.com