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Reservoir Characterization Challenges

Reservoir Characterization Challenges
May 24, 2019 Oilfield Knowledge Training Centre

Reservoir Characterization Challenges

In-order to provide our customers   with exceptionally good project management support at lowest possible cost ,Oilfield Knowledge has build an in-house team of  highly acknowledged ,internationally experienced  professionals  and our own reservoir solution center   based  in New Delhi,India.

Our reservoir solution center is managed by globally experienced Geoscientist supported by team of  experienced   professionals and we can provide our customers with following  solutions:-

  • Wireline/LWD data Quality control (QC) and job planning support
  • Probabilistic and Deterministic formation evaluation
  • Petrophysical support for integrated projects and field development plans
  • Core-Log integration
  • Rock-typing studies
  • Saturation Height function modeling
  • Nuclear magnetic resonance data QC, processing and interpretation
  • Acoustic Data  QC , processing and interpretation
  • Image data QC,Processing and interpretation
  • Pulsed neutron data QC,Processing and interpretation

Our team members have worked for major service company and operators around the world and are available for consultancy as per client  requirements.

For more information please contact us at

or  call us at +91-9911989147

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