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    Seismic Noise

    Word noise is used in seismic as a generic name for unwanted components of seismic signals.Noise could be a relatively persistent vibration of the ground, due to a multitude of causes which are of no use in seismic interpretation.The noise can be classified as

    • Coherent Noise
    • Incoherent Noise

    1.Coherent Noise

    Coherent Noise is organized, predictable or repetitive in pattern,They can be traced across atleast few traces.Few examples of coherent noise are given below:

     Multiple Noise

    a.Simple surface

    b.Pegleg, interbedded

     Direct and near surface waves:

    A.Low velocity, marine or land traffic, and source generated noise

    B.Medium to high velocity near surface refraction

    In addition diffractions (point sources) and compressional converted shear waves can also lead to coherent noise.

     2.Incoherent Noise

    Incoherent noise is dissimilar on all traces and its not possible to predict what traces would be like on the basis of nearby traces.Incoherent noise is also referred as random noise.Most of the Incoherent noise are generated by any external source such as Human activity, animals  or wind etc.