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    Carbon-Oxygen Interpretation

    Carbon-Oxygen Interpretation for reservoir monitoring in unknown or fresh formation water Carbon-Oxygen (C/O) interpretation is used for oil saturation evaluation behind casing. As C/O interpretation is based on carbon and...

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    Sigma Saturation Interpretation

    Sigma interpretation is used for cased hole saturation evaluation in reservoirs having high formation water salinity. This article is fourth in series of articles we are writing to cover cased...

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    Pulsed Neutron Detectors

    High energy inelastic gammaray spectroscopy presents its own set of challenges in pulsed neutron logging. There are two factors for getting high resolution inelastic data which are: 1. Neutrons generated...

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    Cased hole saturation evaluation

    Hydrocarbon saturation determination in cased hole plays an important role in reservoir management. Hydrocarbon saturation estimation over the period of production time helps in making plan for workover operation, understanding...

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