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    Reservoir Characterization Challenges

    In-order to provide our customers   with exceptionally good project management support at lowest possible cost ,Oilfield Knowledge has build an in-house team of  highly acknowledged ,internationally experienced  professionals  and our...

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    Oil based drilling mud

    Base fluid in Oil based mud is oil as an continues phase,it also contains some water but as dispersed phase.Base Oil in OBM could be diesel,kerosene,fuel oil or mineral oil.Water...

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    Log quality control procedure

    Log Quality Check:- Quality check of all logs available is first step before starting any interpretation.Given below are the details of basic quality check that should be performed on log.Details...

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    Spontaneous Potential Logs

    Spontaneous potential (SP) results due to two factors which are 1. salinity difference between formation connate water and  mud filtrate (liquid junction potential) 2.Presence of ion selective shale membrane(membrane potential)....

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